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The Future Commute?

What is the future of the workplace? Do we like it? Can we change it? Can we learn from artistic and cultural representations of the workplace? Have we been doing that all along?

This is an explorative blog in which to unpick our understanding of the workplace using ideas we have collectively been exploring through our imaginings of the future.

I’m currently a PhD student looking into ideas of science fiction and the future of work, and I hope to use this space to introduce and work through ideas which present themselves to me. That means – this is a space to play with ideas and have fun with them, and to be adventurous with themes and concepts. It might also mean some ideas are less polished – but I welcome any comments and feedback.

Enjoy! 🙂

Recent posts:

The Machine Stops – did E. M. Forster predict the future?

‘The Machine Stops’, a short story written by E. M. Forster in 1909, portrays a future world of subterranean humans bound to (and eventually worshipping) an omnipresent machine. It is one of the earliest examples of dystopian fiction and presents a bleak future where society collapses under the weight of its reliance on technology.  TheContinue reading “The Machine Stops – did E. M. Forster predict the future?”

Grandville, advertising and retrofuturism.

French illustrator and caricaturist, J. J. Grandville (1803 – 1847), became hugely influential on the surrealist movement for his outlandish and fantastical depictions and satirical images. Looking at examples such as ‘A promenade through the Sky’ (1847), it is not hard to see why. His illustrations depict dreamlike images, inanimate objects transformed into humans, humansContinue reading “Grandville, advertising and retrofuturism.”

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